The barmanagers, Richard Mihaly and Peter Gozon – High Note Skybar, Aria Hotel Rooftop Bar – Hercegprímás Street 5, Budapest H-1051, Hungary 2018-03-24T10:18:17+00:00


Richard Mihaly

Originally Ricsi was going to be a chef however during some work experience in Germany he realised it is not his cup of tea therefore shortly after he applied to the newly-opened Buddha-Bar Hotel. This is the spot where he first met the real high end bar life.

He spent all his free time to improve his knowledge and as a result of that a few months later he was hired at Lounge Bar. He spent three and half years here then he moved on to Costes where as a bartender he was closely co-operating with the chefs. Following Costes experience, he took up a little adventure in Iceland and after his return to Hungary first he was taking part in the opening of Urban Tiger and now he is a great team member at High Note SkyBar for over a year.

Drinks that he likes: Old fashioned, Sazerac, Gin fizz, Daiquiri, Sours, Mezcal Margarita, Brandy Alexander

Peter Gozon

Peti was starting his second year of university when he visited one of his friend at Boutiq’ Bar and starting from that moment he was immersing in the bar life. He completed a mixologist course then he started to work at Costes Downtown as a bartender. Afterwards he took up an opportunity at the newly-opened Ritz Hotel when he reached a milestone in his career when he won the regional finale in Moscow at the Bacardi Legacy competition. After a short adventure at Warmup he arrived to High Note SkyBar last summer. As per him he arrived home and we hope that he is staying with us for a long time.

Drinks that he likes: Negroni Espresso, Martinez Martini, Bitter Tonic