Viktor Hiermann

Executive chef Viktor Hiermann is the first expert who has earned most of his professional experience from the culinary traditions of the Aria Hotel Budapest. He spent his study years in Austria so he genuinely reinforced the first concept of our Liszt restaurant which was created upon the inspiration of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy cuisine, presented with a modern twist.

Upon returning home, he found a professional challenge in one of the most prestigious restaurants in Budapest, Émile, where he started to get acquainted with the more modern culinary directions he has been fascinated about, ever since. He started in Aria’s catering outlets as chef de partie from where he has been promoted to sous chef and finally in 2021, executive chef – leading the creative concept of the Aria Hotel Budapest.

Viktor finds eternal inspiration in the classic French cuisine: regardless of how spectacular food he is creating with a genius fine dining idea, he never goes wrong with aesthetics when it comes to the primary goal: cooking something with extraordinary taste, using the natural flavor harmony of quality ingredients.

“When I place something on the plate, it is paramount to be part of a whole gastronomic entity – both in looks and in taste.”