Stay away from the virus – we keep you away from it too

The worst thing about pathogens is that they pose an invisible threat. The coronavirus has been part of our everyday lives for months, and because of the uncertainty, there’s almost no situation where it doesn’t occur to us: what if I get it now? Yet the virus has a weakness, and if you consciously target it with a few sly pulls, you can prevent trouble and pay more attention to what’s really worthy.

The kitchen, cooking, preparing and consuming food or drinks… situations in which you feel good to participate, but still many are most afraid of these lately: what if the food, the drink is contaminated, if it was touched by other people, if I catch it, if I am getting sick …? Bad feelings can spoil what we’ve been planning for a long time for what we’re most looking forward to: a gathering with friends, a family dinner, a weekend breakfast, or a casual cocktail.

Introduce some well-targeted, conscious, and consistent actions into your life and start applying them routinely. With their help, not just only COVID-19, but most common bacteria or viruses can be eliminated from the path of experience. Boiling, but even heating to 60 degrees, sterilizes the surfaces. It can also be part of the preparation for consumption if you clean the packaging and peel of basic foodstuffs, vegetables, and fruits with a gentle alkaline detergent and rinse them thoroughly under running water before cooking. Remember: microorganisms in food cooked or fried at high temperatures have no chance to harm you.

The kitchen and staff at High Note SkyBar have become a true expert in a virus-free bar experience in recent months. Our colleagues serve our cocktails, breakfast, lunch and dinner in masks and rubber gloves. You can also request a mask or hand sanitizer from our colleagues at any time. You can even get a non-contact menu on request, from which you can select what you want to order on the screen of your own phone.