Sándor Ádám 

Over the past ten years, Sándor has been going through the hierarchy of hospitality, from the smallest cafés to larger discos and to the cocktail bars of luxury hotels. After graduating from two well-known bartender schools, building his career consciously, he participated in several international cocktail competitions – most commonly as a finalist. He strengthened the opening team of the Buddha Bar, also was a leading bartender at Nobu from where his path led to the High Note SkyBar, where he takes over the baton from his former junior – Richard Mihály

My favorite drinks date back to the golden age of cocktails, mostly from the 1800s and early 1900s. On cold winter evenings, I like to drink Bourbon-based cocktails like Old Fashioned or Manhattan. In the summertime, I prefer to spend time with a cooling Saint Croix Rum Fix.

Szabó Máté

As a child, he got familiar with the essence of hospitality in the family-owned pension. During his career so far, he has also visited Spain and Greece, but from the beginning, hotel bars, especially high-end cocktail bars, were his main interest. Before joining the Aria Hotel and High Note SkyBar team, he gained experience as the highly prestigious Ritz-Carlton hotel team member. Máté’s eternal passion is to research new flavors and combinations, as well as to get to know different gastro-cultures, to apply their secret catches in his own creations. He often packs and travels on study tours in Europe and beyond, from London through the Middle East to Tokyo, to dazzle his guests with the striking flavors and eternal experience he brings home.

I love simple and easy-to-understand drinks. I’m always up to a Milan-Torino any time before dinner that just consists of two loose components, and when it comes to an evening drink, I can’t resist a Fish House Punch!