High Note Mojito: discreet charm of white rum and mint

The golden age of cocktail culture falls in the second half of the 19th century when large quantities of cheap, but quality spirits began to arrive in Europe and America. One of the real evergreens of this period is the Cuban mojito: simple and great, but what is the secret to its centuries-long success?

The recipe for the original mojito cocktail was born when the quality of Cuban rum was not as good as it is today, and they wanted to hide the unpleasant taste and aromas by adding local spices – fresh lime and spearmint.

The tropical cocktail began to become really popular in the rest of the world during the American alcohol ban, when people thirsty for alcohol migrated to the Cuban coast from legal bans: the mojito has since enjoyed the rank of one of the most popular tropical cocktails – the Nobel Prize-winning American writer, Ernest Hemingway, for example, testified to be the second most commonly consumed cocktail of his, after number one daiquiri.

In the new cocktail line at High Note SkyBar, the special feature of our mojito recipe is that instead of the bunches of mint leaves, we fuse pure mint and citrus essence with sparkling water, mixed with quality white rum. The result is a bright emerald-colored, crystal-clear, fresh drink.