High Roll: The cinnamon roll that lifts you up

Cocoa roll, pizza roll, cinnamon roll… Do you know how exciting it is to offer the inner, tastiest part, the “heart” to your partner? If you’re not afraid to cheat with calories, it’s time to stock with the autumn scents and flavors. We will tell you what we think of a cinnamon roll when it not only warms you but also gives wings.

We at High Note SkyBar have long planned to create a truly unique, truly “SkyBar-like” dessert as part of our breakfast menu. Something that evokes the experience of our favorite breakfast delicacies in Hungary, and even flies it high with fragrant winter spices, so that the familiar moods and flavors together merge into a whole new, special harmony in your mouth.

The cinnamon roll was chosen by Ferenc Jóvér, the chef of the Aria Hotel: this breakfast pastry is widely available at every bakery in the city, and almost all locals have a childhood memory associated with the roll. And childhood memories can be made even sweeter with the scent of homemade mulled wine: in the cinnamon roll, the features of nutmeg, ginger and cloves are indulging your senses. The cream cheese and brandy sauce heats the fireplace, and on top of the poem you can put the crown yourself after serving: the sour flavor of the raspberry sauce will accomplish the SkyBar’s morning cinnamon roll not only in shape but also in taste all round.

Try the High Roll during the long weekend, as you can now book a breakfast menu at the High Note SkyBar not only on Saturday-Sunday, but also on our national holiday, Friday, October 23rd.