Bircher muesli: the day after/hangover cereal

The classic program for a weekend morning is a desperate search for something that will make the dizziness-sickness-headache syndrome go away. Of course, there is a more pleasant motivation than a hangover to plan your breakfast. For example for a fruit yogurt featured cereal flake poem, it’s enough to surprise yourself and your partner with a really nourishing, healthy, and delicious day starter: here’s the “hangover” muesli that should be prescribed – not just for hangovers.

Bircher muesli is an old-new trendy breakfast that was set off from Switzerland, the endless homeland of dairy products. Physician and nutrition researcher Maximilian Oscar Bircher-Benner first began recommending the consumption of unprocessed foods rich in fiber and macronutrients in Zurich more than a hundred years ago.

Anyone who makes Bircher muesli goes back to the original idea of oatmeal breakfast: Dr. Bircher developed a recipe which originates back to the Swiss Alps when he soaked oatmeal in juice and offered it to his patients mixed with almonds, fresh apples, and condensed milk. Forget the sugar layered crispy cereal: the essence of “soggy” muesli is that the cereal mixture is left in liquid for at least an hour, but even for all night – in milk, yogurt, juice – so that its texture is characteristically soft, yet not falling apart.

Here we soak the muesli in a special cream yogurt, then we also stack it on top of plain cream yogurt after layering it with homemade dried apricots. In order to include a nutritious crunch in the spell, it is also worth adding hard-shell seeds (e.g. pecans, almonds, macadamia) – we leave it to your imagination. On top of that the crown jewel is the wild berry variation and the freshly sliced apple (you know the one that “keeps the doctor away”), important accessories for our grandparents’ home recipes, not coincidentally: the original description of Bircher muesli also highlights the beneficial effects of apples. Do an experiment with your favorite ingredients, or come and try more healthy dishes from the High Note SkyBar’s weekend breakfast menu.