Petra Gálfi

Petra received her first comprehensive professional training at the pastry training course of the Károly Gundel vocational school in Patinás, and then immediately jumped into the deep water: she took part in an internship at the Gundel restaurant for two more years. Since then, she has gained valuable experience in the highest category of hospitality places, including several five-star hotels in Budapest. She received real creative challenges and a management assignment for the first time in the restaurant of the Aria Hotel.

“I have a sweet tooth, I love desserts, and I was excited to learn about the secret alchemy behind delicacies, so I began to study pastry craft more and more actively – she remembers the beginning.

The epidemic period of 2020 also brought many changes to her life, but she tried to take advantage of the challenging years: she enrolled in a mixing school, and life proved him: the experience she gained in making cocktails greatly contributed to the development of her individual pastry style.

Despite her young age, the pastry chef of Café Liszt and Aria Hotel is very conscious of her concept: she combines well-loved flavors in a unique, innovative way. One of her favorite creations, the pistachio crème brulée, was born in the spirit of this

“If a potato can turn into the finest vodka, you can become anything you want to be.”